Copywriting B2B

We are one of just a few agencies specializing in B2B communication, content writing, and copywriting. We write to help you grow your business and SEO. We live business, and it shows in our texts! See what we do:


We create top-notch articles, news, blog posts, press releases, and other long-form pieces of content. Why should we take care of your texts?

  • We write 100% correct and duplicate content-free articles
  • We rely on trusted sources and indicate them in each article
  • Our texts are 100% SEO and user-friendly
  • We write with the use of advanced copywriting techniques (read on)


We can devise your new website from scratch. We build corporate websites, personal websites, landing pages, and social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook). Our website content is:

  • Written with the language of benefits (AIDA, CTA–we know these techniques, and use them every day 🙂)
  • Concise and understandable, even for the non-technical readers
  • Fully compliant with your requirements
  • SEO-friendly
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Do you want to reach Facebook and LinkedIn users? With us, it’s a cakewalk! We will help you publish engaging posts, ads, and SM profiles. This way, you will effortlessly gain the attention of potential clients.

Our posts and ads are:

  • Compliant with FB/LI requirements
  • Engaging and compelling
  • Consistent with current trends


Although we are not a translation agency, we work with Polish and English (American English, to be exact) every day. Frequently we also use the German language. This way, we can provide you with articles and texts in three languages:

język polski
język angielski
język niemiecki

How do we write?

We use advanced content writing techniques. We follow the uppermost quality standards. That’s why you can rest assured that you will get a piece of content that’s always:

✔ High-quality

✔ Correct

✔ Unique

✔ SEO-friendly

✔ Compliant with your requirements

✔ Consistent with current trends

✔ Legible and transparent


This technique is based on an analysis of the best pieces of a similar subject to create something… way better! We analyze the best articles covering a similar issue and then create a new article that surpasses them.


Every single text we send to our clients goes through two rounds of editing. We pay careful attention to the correctness and wording. It's one of our secrets. Thanks to this approach, clients very rarely ask us to make improvements.


Perhaps you’ve never heard about this rule, but it’s critical in copywriting and content writing. This abbreviation stands for Clear, Concise, Memorable, Motivational. And that’s the way we write!


ELI5 means Explain Like I'm 5. This approach is particularly essential when we are writing about complex questions (e.g., IT). We try to present every problem and every subject in the most straightforward way possible to make sure your non-technical readers fully understand the material. We avoid incomprehensible jargon and explain complicated matters so that even a five-year-old gets what we want to say 🙂

Who do we work for?


Marketing agencies

We have vast experience in writing about performance marketing, SEM, SEO, OOH, PR, video, social media, and other forms of online promotion.

IT, SaaS, and AI

Cloud companies, software houses, AI consulting, web/mobile development, digital services

We know the IT/SaaS world and deal with digital services, cloud computing, AI, business intelligence, web/mobile dev, and other modern solutions.


e-com companies, logistics and fulfillment companies, other entities that provide services for online stores

Every week, we write about e-commerce. We watch trends, analyze reports, and know how to promote an online store. And we love writing about e-com!

These are our three major specializations, but our work is so much more! We work for companies representing the following sectors and industries:

Motor industry
Real estate
Finances and accounting
Exporting and economy

Content Marketing B2B

The content you produce has a vital influence on your company's growth. Indeed, content, not ads! Why? The ad itself won't do any good if, after visiting your website, your client will be disappointed with the rest. Neglecting your content strategy is a massive mistake that costs you tens of thousands of dollars every year!

That's why you need content marketing. Thanks to an extensive network of experienced partners and co-workers, we can offer you comprehensive support in your website's marketing so that your content works for your company's success. Who do we work with?


Positioning can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. Our experts know what to do in order to make your site more visible on Google. Ask us about the details!


Google Ads is still a terrific way to promote your company. We work with experienced and recognizable SEM consultants that will devise and optimize your Google Ads/Google PLA/Google Display Network campaign.


The essence of Facebook Ads lies in almost unlimited targeting options. This way, you advertise precisely where you want. We work with experienced agencies that will help you promote your fanpage, even if you’ve just started.

About us

Although this section is called "about us", in fact, it is about YOU and YOUR company. We want to help you with our knowledge and experience.

We have executed lots of diverse projects for various organizations. We have been operating since 2011! Therefore, we can say with full confidence that we understand how business and market work. Our knowledge and experience guarantee your success. With us, you don’t have to worry if your texts are compelling and attractive. We will help you make the most of your company, and tell your clients about it in the best possible way.

Download our brief presentation in PDF.


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