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Every company that wants to get the job done has three options. It can hire a full-time employee, outsource this particular aspect of the business, or combine the first two options. And that’s true no matter what we’re talking about, from manufacturing to digital marketing. Of course, it’s a copywriting blog, so that’s what we’re going to talk about today, but I strongly believe that what you can find in this blog post is versatile regardless of whom you’re looking for. So without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Two questions

Before you start with everything else, you need to answer two immensely important questions:

  • What should I take into account before making a final decision?
  • Is there a universal recipe I could adopt in my company?

Let’s start with the second issue. The answer is no. When it comes to business, there are no one-fits-all solutions. You need to analyze your current situation, needs, and resources to find out what will be optimal for your business. The second question is a bit more complicated. Unfortunately, at least according to my experience, many companies neglect this question altogether and opt for the solution that’s apparent (at least seemingly) – they hire a full-time employee. Job done, problem solved. Or is it?

In this blog post, I will show you that there’s more to that. I believe (and I have hundreds of projects and over 11 years of experience to support my standpoint) that hiring a full-time employee in the vast majority of situations is unnecessary

Three scenarios

Suppose you manage a medium-sized organization or a startup. It is natural that you want to promote and develop your business, correct? You’ve heard that content marketing and SEO are efficient ways to establish good visibility on Google, so you decide to write and publish more content. Currently, there are no people in your company that could help you with that assignment. So what do you do? Do you post a job ad? Or maybe you look for a freelancer or an agency? Let’s take a closer look at your options.


For starters, we need to address the elephant in the corner. That’s the most expensive solution imaginable. You have to pay salary (which will be high in the case of an experienced specialist, for that matter) and taxes, and provide your new employee with working tools and probably some additional benefits. The necessary training needs to be carried out, and the employee will need some time to adjust to the new workplace. All of these elements generate considerable monthly costs. Of course, the benefits are also significant. In return, you gain a person who is always available, 100% absorbed in working for only one company. As a result, they can work efficiently, and they are always there when you need them. That’s an indisputable advantage.

Now, let’s take a look at the second option.


When it comes to copywriting and content writing, usually, we mean a particular form of external support, typically provided by an agency or a freelancer. This solution works very well when you want to achieve a specific result – more high-quality content on your blog or website, improved visibility on Google and social media, and greater recognition. I think you will agree with me that, in such a setup, it does not matter from where this service is provided or when. What’s important is for the agency or freelancer to provide exactly what you expect, right? And… well, that’s what they do!

Moreover, agencies and freelancers have greater flexibility in operation. By signing a contract with an external copywriting agency, you sign it with the entire team of people (12, in our case). And these are people with different knowledge, competencies, and experience. This means that many assignments can be completed in less time without losing quality.

Additionally, you don’t have to pay our taxes or salary. We co-operate on a transparent per-word rate, so you pay just for the texts you receive; nothing more, nothing less. With an external agency, there are no fixed costs, you don’t have to pay any form of subscription, or order a minimum number of texts per month. Sounds fair? I think it does!

Are there any disadvantages of outsourcing? Well, a couple. First of all, it is crucial to establish ground rules and the scope of the agreed service to make sure that everything works as you want. Otherwise, things can go sideways pretty quickly. Secondly, you have to be aware that an external company will also not be available always and everywhere. That’s because they have other clients that need their help as well, but I think that’s rather obvious.

From many perspectives, outsourcing is a more flexible solution. It’s also significantly cheaper. And to top it all off, you can get more work done when you co-operate with an experienced agency, like Type2Sell. 🙂

See some of our clients. They confirm that outsourcing really works!


So maybe it is worth considering a scenario comprising both a full-time employee and outsourcing? Undoubtedly, it’s a very effective alternative! However, it’s reserved especially for large enterprises, as it requires more financial resources. But on the upside, in effect, you can accomplish so much more. On the one hand, you have a full-time employee responsible for ensuring that everything is done as agreed and on time. On the other hand, you have access to vast experience and resources provided by an external partner. There are almost no downsides to this solution (given that you can afford it).

Summary: Do you want results? Opt for outsourcing!

The full-time employee option works well when you need ongoing support on-site – when there’s a need to do something every single day, for at least five hours a day. But if you’re primarily after the results (texts, posts, ads…) – believe me, there’s no need to hire a full-time specialist.

When you opt for outsourcing in the digital marketing world, you can save a lot of time and money and still get everything that you needed in the first place. And that’s not just an empty slogan. This solution really excels in many ways. At least over 40 companies that we’ve been working with say so.

Do you want to know more? I encourage you to download and read my free ebook on copywriting and content writing outsourcing. You will discover even more benefits behind this solution:

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