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Have you ever read Sizing People Up? It’s a fantastic book. I think everyone should read it! It was written by a former FBI agent and explains what you should take into consideration when you size up people you work, live, or cooperate with. What does it have to do with writing great texts? In fact, the book’s author, Robin Dreeke, has coined a simple yet effective formula that will help you write fantastic, engaging, and compelling content. And it doesn’t really matter whether we talk about books, articles, blog posts, ads, social media posts, landing pages, or website content. And today, you’re in luck, because today, I want to show you this formula! Let’s just dive in.

Robin Dreeke’s formula is really straightforward and easy to remember. Here goes: 

c2m2 copywriting formula

Now, let’s analyze each of these four elements.


Whatever you write, especially for broadly-understood marketing purposes, you have to be precise. Nowadays, customers expect to find out what to tell or sell them as quickly as possible. There’s no place for beating around the bush or any misdirections. Now, how can you be clear when writing a text? First of all, think of your goal. What do you want to achieve with this copy/article/website? What do you want to communicate?

Secondly, think of your readers. Will they understand any technical terms or abbreviations you are going to use? Perhaps you should consider explaining them or adding a short introduction that will describe what you are going to write about to your less well-informed readers?


Use only as many words and sentences as you need. There’s no need to write the same thing in two or more ways. Keep it short and simple. Moreover, your sentences should also be short. In most instances, it’s better to write two-three short sentences than one that stretches to no end.

Second of all, drop weasel words. We have already tackled this issue in the What a great copy! blog post. You should read it! 🙂 If possible, avoid statements like “it’s commonly known“, “people believe“, etc. If you feel like you have to put something like that in your article, back it up somehow. Try to find a reliable source (maybe research or a report?) and mention it in your text.

Here are some of my Clients. I’m looking forward to putting your logo here as well!


For sure, this part can be tricky. What can you do to make your text memorable? Thankfully, there are a few ways that will help you achieve this goal. For instance, you could:

  • You can fill up your text with practical knowledge and advice. Currently, readers look for articles that will broaden their knowledge, give them a great idea, or enhance their life or work. Make sure each of your posts has something valuable and/or significant to convey.
  • Stick to the C2M2 rule. Yes, this entire text is about this rule, but this formula makes your copy memorable!
  • Use various media. Let’s be honest here. A wall of text is NOT encouraging. Try to add other means of communication. Perhaps, you could use an infographic, a YT video, or animation? Make your content dynamic and attractive. Interact with more than just one sense.
  • Write the Internet way. What does it mean? Add paragraphs, headings, bullet points, use colored/bold/italic font. Any change in the text helps your readers focus their attention. The more is going on within your text, the more memorable it becomes.


People just love to be motivated. Show them a better future. Try to interact with their desires, dreams, and ambitions. Ensure that the result you write about is real and achievable. Make them feel like they need your solution or product. One of the great ways to achieve this result is to compare two situations. You could describe your customers’ current position and the expected outcome. What has changed? What’s better now? A better future is always a great motivation to do something about your life or situation.

The C2M2 rule really comprises everything you need to write neat, engaging content!

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