Likely, you’ve never heard about skyscraper content. And that’s a shame because it’s an effective and interesting way of creating new, valuable, and complete texts that have all the potential to get traction and engagement quickly. So what is skyscraper content? What can you do to promote swiftly the content that you create? And what do skyscrapers have to do will all that? Let’s have a look! 

Let’s start with the beginning. What is skyscraper content?

Skyscraper content is a technique that’s all about creating new texts that are better than the existing ones and promoting them in places that were interested in similar issues in the past. 

And what skyscrapers are doing here? Imagine that your article/blog post is such a skyscraper. Your goal is to create a better, higher building. When you think about it this way, the whole content marketing is one large city. There are small residential buildings (product descriptions), large shopping malls (pillar articles), and high-rises gleaming in the sunshine (top-quality texts and posts).what is skyscraper content

If you want to create skyscraper content, you need to complete these three steps:

Step 1: Gather existing content

The first thing you need is an in-depth research. You have to go around the city and take a look at existing high-rises. Suppose you want to create an article about home staging – how to prepare a house before it goes on sale. Type in a specific query in Google and gather four to five articles that will appear in the top results (on the first page of the SERP). A free SEO Surfer plugin will also be helpful (it will show you how much traffic gets the website that published a given text).

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The next step is to gather all the information that appeared in these texts. Now think about two vital questions:

  • What DID these texts NOT mention (and they should)? Remember, there are no texts that cannot be improved.
  • How can you enhance these texts, and make them more attractive complete, and engaging?

Maybe it’s worth showing more pictures? Or perhaps all of these texts lack one important element? This way, you will develop a plan that will help you create something way better.

Step 2: Write a better text!

It’s all cut and dried here. Get to work and write something better. Here, we have a few essential questions to consider. For starters, your text does not have to be longer. Make it comprehensive and engaging; length is in the background. Of course, it’s still important to mention all the relevant topics and talk about things that your competition neglected. How can you achieve that?

A few suggestions:

  • Look for available statistical data, research, reports, white papers, and mention them in your piece (you can even use screens provided you indicate the source)
  • Add expert advice: Maybe some experienced specialists or influencers will be willing to participate in your article?
  • Add high-quality graphics and photos, create an infographic (content is not only about what’s written)
  • If you are experienced in the specific subject, add your thoughts and opinions

Step 3: Promote your text

Here, your goal is to drive more traffic to your blog post. Your SEO experts will surely help you with that. For instance, you could reach out to the owners of the websites that feature articles about home staging. You could ask them to mention your article (ideally with a link) on their websites (e.g., below the published piece). Some of them may even be interested in replacing their articles with yours (although you need to remember about the duplicate content issue). Go far and wide with your text and collect as many backlinks as possible. The better your text is, the more places will be eager to mention it.

All you have to do is send an email with a direct link to your piece.


You could write something like that:


I saw that you published an article about home staging on your website (link). I found that text very interesting! However, I noticed that it doesn’t talk about X. Recently, I’ve written a blog post on a similar subject. You can read it here (link). I will be thrilled if you supplement your article with this link. I’m also happy to provide more information if you need it.

All the best

John Smith

What’s crucial is for your email to be authentic and personal. Here, a massive PR mailing to 100 websites probably won’t work. But this way, you get a chance for a high-quality link to your website in a domain that’s appreciated by Google (after all, you found them on the first page in the SERP, right?).

Will it always work? Of course, not. Many website owners won’t be interested in such a cooperation, or they will want a lot of money for that. But even one such link can boost your visibility on Google. And if not? No worries, you still have the best text in this niche at your disposal. There are many other ways to promote it, including Google and Facebook Ads!

Skyscraper content is worth your attention, not just because it’s a chance for additional backlinks. Above all, it’s a terrific way to create content that won’t duplicate existing articles and will still be engaging and top-grade.

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