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Before we answer the question in the title of this blog post, I would like to tell you something more about the approach to the copywriting and communication I apply. You see, I believe in simplicity, but moreover, in engaging the reader.

You have to write your copy like it’s a personal letter to just one person. Do not ever think of your audience as a big, uniform mass of people. Think of it as just one person. What would like to tell that person? This is the way to choose if you want to be a great copywriter.

On this blog and in my work I exercise very simple, yet effective approach. It’s called AES. Attract, Engage, Sell

attract engage sell

This is the whole idea of copywriting! You must attract your customer to get his attention. When he’s listening, engage him – make him part of your story. And just the last stage is selling.

Why Harry Potter is better than a business magazine?

Do you know how many Harry Potter books have been sold? Whopping 500,000,000! This number is absolutely unimaginable. Next question – do you know why? You may like HP or not, but the fact is these books engage the reader. I told you that engagement is the key to successful selling. This is why business magazines ale lying around newsstands – because only a narrow group of people is interested in them. If you want to reach a broad audience, then engagement is all you need.

But before you reach the point where engagement is important, your first step is to attract your customers. And the bad news is, you don’t have much time for that. A few seconds tops. So you must draw this attention quickly and with your best shot. No one has time for a “long time ago” stories. This work when you already have this attention.

And your last step is selling. If you managed to draw people’s attention and engage them in your product/service, selling is a formality. Just a natural, consequent step following what has happened earlier. At this point, you need a good and catchy Call To Action and not-too-complicated ordering system.

So, what Harry Potter has to do with copywriting? 🙂 You, as a copywriter, have to engage your target audience the same way J.K. Rowling had engaged hers. Only this much and SO MUCH!

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