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The time has come in your company’s life to get some help with its further development and promotion. You can’t manage everything yourself. After all, you serve customers every day, and if that wasn’t enough, you have tons of other things to do. With limited time, it is impossible to explore the secrets of SEM/SEO, PR, web design, social media marketing, copywriting, content marketing and many other “-ings” on your own. And then do all this stuff? No, you can’t. And even if it was possible, in the long run it’s absolutely not going to work.

So now you have three options:

  • To hire an employee.
  • To hire an agency.
  • To hire a freelancer.

You already know where this is going, right? 🙂 Well, after all, I’m a freelancer, what do you expect me to do? 🙂 But yes, in this post we will look closer to the advantages of hiring a freelancer. Mind you, I mean freelancer in a broad sense. Let’s just focus on hiring a freelancer, no matter what he/she is going to do for you.

Why a freelancer is better than the employee?

Freelancer is a professional. Remote advisors have at least several years of work on their account, tens or hundreds of completed projects and a great sense of what works and what doesn’t. They earn primarily on effectiveness. Isn’t that what you need when promoting your business?

A full-time worker has no chance to execute as many projects, undergo as many trainings and meet as many people as an independent advisor has. Of course, there are exceptions to that statement, but this is more or less what it looks like. So you just hire a more valuable employee. In addition, an employee who probably can boast of the characteristics you require. Believe me, a freelance career is not idyllic. A good remote worker has multitasking, work organization and flexibility at his/her fingertips. Reacts quickly and adjusts necessary actions.

Why a freelancer is better than the agency?

Long story short: because it’s the cheapest solution. The agency has much higher operating costs, so it will be more expensive. The matter is even more complex, because if you do not run a worldwide, recognizable company, then probably agency will assign to you “a one-man team” anyway.

Maybe the agency will add to this “team” a trainee to let him/her learn something, but that’s about it. Multi-person teams are designated only for the largest and best-paying customers (sorry, that’s the brutal reality) with advertising budgets in tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, probably by choosing an agency you will end up anyway with one consultant, just a lot more expensive.

As my experience shows, companies don’t employ remote workers mainly because of the limitations that are… in the heads of bosses and managers. After all… what kind of employee is the guy who works at home, probably in his pyjamas, cannot be supervised and it’s hard to require anything from him! Is that your thinking? Unfortunately, many companies think this way. And that’s a shame because that stereotype closes the way to a really valuable and effective solution. Completely unnecessarily.

Yes, there ARE freelancers who work 2 hours a day, cannot be reached anyhow and are always busy with something else than working with you. But there are just a few of them. You cannot be competitive on the market this way in the long run. You can easily catch such a delinquent before establishing cooperation. Just talk to him.

Just start the cooperation!

Freelancer is the solution for you if:

  • you run an SME (Small and Medium-sizes Business) although large ones also use the services of freelancers more and more often, and/or
  • you have limited resources for promotion and you want to be sure that they are well spent on promoting your business and not on agency margins, and/or
  • you are facing a specific needs, you know what kind of services your company requires.

What you should concentrate on when looking for a freelancer? First of all, his/her profile and experience. Freelancer should have a website where you can find this information. If in doubt, openly ask if he/she can help you with the activities you plan. The rest is simply your individual preferences for cooperation with a specific person.

Stay tuned!


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